Great News!

Jan. 2, 2003: Epson Russia has made the full english version of Gray Balancer available for download on their site. This includes an english version of the pdf User's Guide!

Sorry, I couldn't find a Mac version on their site.

I will leave the patch for the French version available incase you have trouble with the Russian site.

How To Install an English Version of 2200 Gray Balancer

For PC users only. Mac users can still download and use the French version, but the English Language Patch file only runs on a PC.

For a review of the 2200 and a history of the Gray Balancer issue in North America, visit The Luminous Landscape:

Step 1: Download and Install the French Version

Download the French version of the Gray Balancer software from the following site:

Note: The 2100 is the European version of the 2200 and they are essentially the same. Once installed, the Gray Balancer software will recognize the 2200 and be configured to work with it.

The downloaded graybalancer.exe file is a WinZip self-extracting file. Simply clicking on the Décompresser button will extract the Gray Balancer installer into the \SP2100 directory on your hard drive.

From the \SP2100\GRAYBALN subdirectory, run the setup.exe program. The installer should look familiar to you and will be in French. The following translation guide will help you through the installation process.


Step 2: Download and Install the English Language Patch

Download the patch program here and run it: (171KB)

Follow the prompts and the patch program will update your installed Gray Balancer to the English language.


Step 3: Obtain a Gray Reference Card

For the best results, you will need a Gray Reference Card. You can obtain a Kodak Gray Scale (CAT 152 7654) from B&H Photo, Calumet Photo, or any good photo store. For instructions on using the Kodak card with the Gray Balancer software, see Vincent Oliver's tutorial:

Step 4: Enjoy

Remember the Gray Balancer is not supported by EPSON U.S. so you're on your own for customer support. The installation software will install a French version of the user guide in PDF format on your computer. Ask a friend to translate it for you or you can use the internet:

Better yet, take a French class!